About the curriculum


Wendy is Toddler Teacher Certified.  She will use her knowledge, as well as information provided by your child to make each day a happy one. 


Toddlers will be provided with stimulating and developmentally appropriate activities.  Toddlers learn by doing.  LOTS of hands-on activities will be provided as they learn through play skills. 


With our small group it's so easy (and fun) to specify the curriculum around the children's natural interests and curiosities. 


Little Sunflowers incorporates a preschool curriculum into our daily activities for fun and to prepare the older children for school. 


Wendy is Preschool Teacher Certified and will use her knowledge, along with a professional preschool curriculum to help your child learn throughout the day.  ALL of the advantages of a large preschool in a small exclusive environment with the individual attention and love your child deserves. All children will leave Little Sunflowers ready to enter Kindergarten! (Curriculum follows the Common Core Pre-K Standards.)  


As a firm believer in young children needing freedom to play, explore and discover on their own as developmentally appropriate; learning takes place in a fun way at each child's pace. 


A typical day will have time for; reading stories, creating things with our hands, eating and sleeping and learning about ourselves, each other and the world around us.

Is Little Sunflowers the place for your child?

Consistent caregivers

Consistent friends in care

Learning in mixed aged group

No transitioning to different classrooms and groups at certain ages and times of day.

Specific experiences for each child

If you have a long term plan to move your child to a large center based  preschool at 2.9-4 years old, Little Sunflowers is not the place for  you.

Learning through 

Each  month at Little Sunflowers brings many new activities that revolve  around themes.  Young children learn best through activities that  interest them. Each month pre school will focus on a few new letters,  colors, numbers and shapes we learn about as we play.   We will  concentrate on one theme at a time, and many of our activities will  revolve around this theme (stories, crafts, music, games, cooking,  etc.). Many of our themes and activities are geared around the  children’s interest; with a small group, it is always fun to do.  Many  times through the children's interest and questions our curriculum moves  to a new level and everyone learns so much more!  
There  is a nice mix of curriculum driven activities and free play.  I believe  young children should have plenty of opportunity to free play, explore  and use their imaginations.  This strengthens social skills as children  play and learn to problem solve; some of the most important abilities  they should have when entering Kindergarten.